Monday, February 20, 2006

M301: TMA01 Q5(i)

Question 5 (i) of TMA01 asks us to construct a GUI front-end using the JBuilder GUI Designer. Now as I am not a fan of JBuilder and have been using BlueJ for all my Java coding, I thought I had better check with the course team as to whether it was mandatory to use the GUI Designer for this question. The answer that came back was yes we have to use the GUI Designer.

Now I am a bit disappointed with this as...

  1. I have already manually coded the GUI, and now have to redo the question.
  2. The GUI Designer generates unnecessary code for such a simple project.
  3. The course team implied, in an early FirstClass posting, that it was not a requirement to use JBuilder for our Java coding, and therefore I have been using BlueJ.
  4. With M254 TMA questions we have not been allowed to use any form of GUI Designer, and have had to code any required GUI's manually.

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