Tuesday, November 07, 2006

M253: A few thoughts

I am starting to realise that there is some structure to this course. Initially it has appeared that tutor’s just there for resolving issues and disputes; the ‘Course Guide’ is not essential and can be put to one side; and that the ‘Course Resource Sheets' do not play a major role, especially as the TMA’s say things such as “you might find it particularly useful to refer to the Resource Sheets entitled…” and “You might find it useful to refer to the Resource Sheets…”. Everything gives the appearance of revolving around the TMA’s and their associated activities, with the team pretty much left to their own devices.

Thinking about the course this morning whilst on my way to work I have come to the conclusion that both the ‘Course Guide’ and the ‘Course Resource Sheets’ are important and that both should be read and not skipped over. Why? Because they provide far more information than I realised and actually do add some structure to the course as a whole.

I am starting to wonder if I am the only one who has gone along this route or whether any other students have initially dismissed the ‘Course Guide’ and ‘Course Resource Sheets’ only to realise later on how vital they are to their success in doing the course.

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