Monday, January 22, 2007

M359: Course Materials Received

Received the first set (there are 3 sets in total with the other 2 being dispatched later) of course materials for M359 on Friday. This is what I received...

  • 2 x block books
    • Block 1 - Databases in context
    • Block 2 - Introducing relational theory
  • M359 Course Guide
  • M359 Software Guide
  • Using the Electronic TMA System - A Student Guide
  • Course News
  • M359 Software CD
  • Database Cards Pack
  • M359 Errata 1 - Block 1 Replacement Pages
Missing was (apparently due to dispatch issues)...
  • Online Application CD-Rom v.8
The supplied errata replaces pages 14-17 of Block 1 as they were incorrectly printed during production.

The M359 software is easy to install and I have not experienced any problems with it after installing it onto 2 desktop PC's and a laptop.

Both the FirstClass conferences (well 1 conference area so far) and the course website are now accessible as well.

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