Thursday, October 23, 2008

OU: Mass Writing

Received an e-mail this morning from a Professor Ince, the Head of Computing dept. at the OU, asking if I would like to collaborate on a book about Computer Art.  Sounds grander than it probably is.  The department actually is looking for 85 volunteers, with each volunteer completing a section comprising of 2,500 words and a computer program.  I have decided to volunteer as it looks as though it could be fun.

For further details take a look at page 5 of the Autumn issue of Sesame.

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Simon Knights said...

Hi Ian,
This begs the question..."What is computer art and does, or can, such a thing exist?". So I guess one would then have to define what is meant by "art".
Some might say that "art" is this urge that some people have to express their 'soul' in some external way - to give it an independent external life. I am not sure that computers are up to that yet (and referring back to the recent interest in AI and Turing tests etc).

Others might say that 'art' is also interpreting other visual inputs (I guess like landscapes - but there is a cultural side to this...what is left in and what is left out). Again, I don't think that computers are anywhere near to this either.

So I am curious to know what Prof Ince is after - what his motivation and expectation is. I read the article that you referenced and it certainly gives no indication. Although it does seem to be restricted to Java (why?).

Lots of questions, very curious. I'd be really interested to hear your take on this.