Monday, November 03, 2008

OU (MW): Book and Chunks

This morning I received my copy of Processing: Creative Coding and Computational Art (ordered via Amazon), so now to start reading.  I will start with chapters 1 & 3, as recommended by Prof. Ince, and then move onto the sections in the book corresponding to the candidate chunks that I have identified whilst trying to decide for which one I should write.

I went through the complete list of chunks, last week, and from each block of ten chunks identifying at least one that is of particular interest. I ended up with a list of eight candidate chunks and from there I eliminated half of them.  The plan now, after reading the corresponding sections from the book, is to prioritise the remaining 4 candidates and e-mail Prof. Ince with my choice.

Note:  Someone else has already chosen one of the chunks that I have in my candidate list, thus I am now down to three candidates.

Note:  Having done a brief skim through the book, I am intrigued as to why we don't have to read chapter 2.  Might have to e-mail Prof. Ince to enquire as to why.

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