Thursday, December 17, 2009

What next?

A number of people have been asking what I will do next, and to be honest I am not to sure at present.

Some students and tutors have suggested teaching.  Although this is something I have looked at in the past I am have decided not to go down this avenue because from what I have seen secondary schools at present do not teach computing, they just teach pupils how to use computers / software.

Several other tutors having suggested tutoring for the OU and this is something I might well look at doing.

Or I could continue studying by doing an Msc.  Having taken a brief look at the OU website I have estimated it would take 5-6 years at a cost of about £9,000.

What every I end up doing I am taking a year off.  Even though I have a few jobs to do around the house, a year of no TMA’s, revision or exams will be so relaxing.


Stephen said...

Hi Ian,
Interesting comments :-) I had exactly the same thoughts about teaching - so little seems to involve the underlying computing concepts, and merely seems to teach software use.

Like you, I want a year off! I think my wife and son deserve the break ;-) In the meantime I've been preparing applications for an MSc to hopefully start Oct 2010. This time I fancy a taught course rather than distance learning, as I suspect it would benefit me to work more closely with others. The trick is finding a part-time course which allows me to keep working without going crazy!

All the best with whatever you decide,


Simon Knights said...

Hi Ian,

Well, you've done it!! Hearty congratulations young man!

I must admit that I have managed to fill the year-out that I have taken with all sorts of other things - that I just don't know where I'm going to find the time to continue. Something will have to give.

I think you are spot-on about secondary education of IT (and it is 'IT' that they teach and not 'Computing'). It covers how to use a computer and how to use certain apps (generally Microsoft - although my son's school have just issues their pupils with MacBooks). I think they do branch into computer ethics (I guess at A-Level). They also cover database design - but at a very, very basic level.

I can see you as an OU tutor though! And that may be a good way into teaching at that Higher level.

Anyway, have a great year off.


Simon K