Tuesday, October 17, 2006

M301: Finished!!!

With a huge sigh of relief, that is M301 finished after taking the exam yesterday. The exam itself was not too difficult and I answered questions 1, 2 and 4. The hard part was trying to remember specific aspects of the course text in amongst the myriad of information that we had to learn. For example one question asked us to list the 5 characteristics of a certain feature, and could I remember them? NO!!! Eventually I managed to dig up from the depths 2, possibly 3 of the characteristics, but know I have lost points on the particular question. I really do hate those sorts of questions and if I hadn’t learnt verbatim the definition of some of the keywords I would have lost at least another 4 points. In my opinion those types of questions do not you’re your understanding of the course as a whole, it is all most like having to learn the highway code before a driving test and then forgetting about it immediately after the test.

My aim has always been a grade 1 but I am now lowering my expectations and hoping for a grade 2. Will have to wait until Decemeber to find out what I actually end up with.

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