Friday, December 12, 2008

M450: Still no result

Well its the 12th of December, the day I should have received my M450 result by, but my course page is still showing the result as Pending.  The most frustrating aspect is not being given any reason why my result is pending.  I do hate being kept in the dark!

I see back in 2005 the OUSA (Open University Students Association) East of England Region said

The Association calls upon the University to introduce a mechanism so that where final results are notified as "pending" to an OU student, that the reason(s) and likely delay period are given and subsequent explanation given for any additional delays.

ref: OUSA in the Eastern Region

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

M450: Argh!!!

I have just been informed by a fellow M450 student, Stuart, that the results are out.  So I quickly went to my student home page only to discover that my result is Pending.

It has not been possible to finalise your result in the time available before our scheduled results release date. We realise how important it is for you to receive your result quickly and we are working to provide this as a priority. Our aim is to send your result to you within six weeks where this is possible but often it will be within less time than this. Unfortunately the priority we give this work means we are unable to handle related telephone enquires during the initial six week period.

The really annoying aspect is that the student home page gives no clear indication as to why my result is delayed, although a couple of thoughts have come to mind.  So I am now going to have to wait for up to another 6 weeks before getting my result :(

Still Stuart got a distinction.  Well done Stuart!!!  And two other friends of mine have also got their results.  One got a distinction and the other passed.