Monday, January 23, 2006

M254: TMA 04

Having finished TMA 03, I decided to make a start on TMA 04 over the weekend. The objective of this TMA is to construct a simple system for the transfer of text files between a client and server. I have completed the Server side, and am now half way through the CommandProcessor part of the client side.

My reason for doing the Server side first is that IMO it is the easiest to test, in that you can use Telnet (or something similiar such as PuTTY) to test whether the server side of the connection works properly and that it responds to commands correctly. I also add output messages to the code so that I can track what the server is receiving and how it is repsonding to these request. Using this approach has proved very successful as I have been able to test each part as it has been coded.

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