Monday, March 13, 2006

M301: TMA02

TMA02 for M301 is now available. It comprises of 5 questions with each question worth 20 marks and corresponding to an associated unit within block 2.

Q1 (6 sub-questions) - U2.1 "Describing Concurrent Systems"
Q2 (6 sub-questions) - U2.2 "Processes"
Q3 (5 sub-questions) - U2.3 "Distributed Systems and Management"
Q4 (6 sub-questions) - U2.4 "IPC in Shared Memory: Low-Level Primitives"
Q5 (7 sub-questions) - U2.5 "IPC in Shared Memory: Classical Problems and Language Primitives"

Questions 2 and 5 involve some Java coding.

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