Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Moving the Goal Posts

I know that this is World Cup year but why does the OU have to keep moving the ‘goal posts’.

I received an eMail yesterday from the South East regional centre basically saying that unless I planned to study M254 – Java Everywhere (last presentation starts Oct 2006) I will not be able to count M206 towards the BSc (Hons) Computing that I am studying for.

Fortunately I am studying M254, as regular readers will be aware, yet if I wasn’t the OU would be potentially forcing me to take M254 otherwise I would have wasted 1 year, 60 points and the course fee.

I also predict that the October presentation of M254 will be heavily subscribed due to students who had not thought about taking this course but all of a sudden in a panic about loosing their M206 points.

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