Monday, June 26, 2006

OU: Studying under fire...

On Saturday I received my copy of Sesame “The news service reaching the Open University worldwide” and in it was an interesting article by an OU student Rochelle Jones about her husband, James, who apart from studying with the OU, is a British soldier currently serving in Iraq.

We all moan now and again about our studying and the course(s) we are currently doing, but after reading Rochelle’s article it put everything into perspective. To be able to study under such daily pressure, to me seems unimaginable, and my admiration goes out to James.

My hat also comes off to Rochelle for the pressure she must be under and yet managing to study for MA at the same time.

If your are interested in reading the article it is available at Sesame 230 on pages 24 & 25 (pdf page 13).

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