Monday, July 17, 2006

M301: TMA04 - Submitted

Submitted TMA04 yesterday afternoon. This has been a rather difficult TMA as a lot of the questions were very judgemental in how they were answered.

Although I am enjoying the course, it is a very hard slog with lots of information to digest.


Anonymous said...


Well done.

I glade I chose the M358 route rather tham M301. Even though we both done m206 last year.

M358 and the one you plan to do next year m359 which is only slght mina update from m358, covers many concept from m206, with more deeply in to the devlopment cycle. that covered in block 4 & 5. So if you liked that in m206 you like that. As they call a class digream a e-r digrams - pracly the same thing, but diffrnet name, and the case study of a hospital is also used. as well as a univisty scenio, bank etc.

It may only be a 30, but their still 4 tma's.

I beleve from reading m301 reviews covers these simlar areas as well.


Anonymous said...

Can u share yr solutions with me


Ian M. said...

Hi Sam,

and you are who?

Anonymous said...

I am doing M301 and wanted to work on the assignment!

if its not a prob. for u!

Best of luck