Wednesday, August 02, 2006

M254: Exam Result & Final Grade

I have just found out that the exam results and final gradings for M254 have been published and I scored 75% in the exam, giving me a grade 2 for the course. Although to a certain degree this was the grade I was expecting I have mixed feelings about the result, especially as my average score for the TMA's was 99% (97, 100, 97, 100) .

Note to self: Must revise harder for next exam (M301)


Anonymous said...

seems like a good mark :)

did you get a breakdown of each part?

Ian M. said...

The breakdown given is as follows:

Your overall task performance
Value B which is 70-84%

Your performance on particular aspects
Part 2 Performance
Question 11 70-84%
Question 13 70-84%