Thursday, November 02, 2006

M263: Tutorials

My alloted tutorials are in Croydon which for me means a 3 hour round trip to attend them. Will the first tutorial is on the 18th November and it is only 3 hours long, in fact a majority of the tutorials are 3 hours in length, with a couple of 5 hour sessions. Therefore I have decided not to attend them (although I might attend the 5 hour sessions).

As a compromise I find that there are evening tutorials being held at the Waterloo Centre in London. This is more convenient for me as I work in London. So I attended the first one last night. There were approx 12 students and 2 tutors, and the tutorial revolved around a general discussion about the course and answering some questions in relation to unit 2. Although I didn't learn anything new and it was of no assistance for TMA 01, it was enjoyable and I plan to attend the other tutorials.

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