Tuesday, January 16, 2007

M359: Course Materials

Getting a bit nervous as I haven't as yet received any course materials and M359 is supposed to start on 3rd Feb. With this in mind I have just contacted the OU's materials dispatch centre and they informed me that there has been a delay in them receiving the materials over the Christmas period. They reckon that the materials will be dispatched by Thursday of this week (18.Jan.07) and that I should then receive them within the next 5 working days. Lets wait and see!

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Anonymous said...


I done the last year of m358, its previus in carnation, and we had the same truplbe, but we got them in the end.

But also you have the risk of the pinter dely being the new course, you are brave to take m359 in its frist year.

Mark J Peterkin