Monday, January 29, 2007

Microsoft - BlueJ Patent Update

It appears that Microsoft are dropping their patent application for "Object Test Bench". See here Movement - The Latest on The Microsoft Patent Application. This is most excellent news!


Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,

I once enrolled on to M301 although personal circumstances did not allow me to complete it. Back then in 2004 we had Borland Builder J(Professional) for our learning tools.

Its good of them now to have considered BlueJ.

Thanks for reading.

Ian M. said...

M301 still uses JBuilder, I just used BlueJ as I preferred the IDE. The only course the OU currently provides that uses BlueJ is M255 "Object-Oriented Programming with Java".

Anonymous said...

I get it now, I did M206 back then. That 255 must be its replacement.

JBuilder is hard to use especially when you want to use JDKs other than 1.3.0 which it's shipped with by default.

However, BlueJ is str8 forward once you tell it where the directory of the JDK is at.

I had 1.4.0 installed on mine, and there was no way I could use that late version of the JDK. Did everything they told me from Borland discusion boards but still ...

After that day, I decided to not bother with Borland tools.

Thanks for the clarification.