Friday, September 07, 2007

M359: Revision

Having just recently come back from a glorious 2 week holiday in Italy I am finding it difficult to get back into the groove.  With the exam for M359 looming (09.Oct) I have now made a start on my revision, with my plan being to cover a block a week.  I still have not completed TMA04 but am now treating it as a revision aid rather than worrying about what final assessment score I might get.  Also I have decided not to bother doing question 4 as this covers topic 2 of block 5 and therefore will not be tested in the exam.  So apart from going through my notes, making new ones, and re-reading the course text, I will be meeting up with friends who are on the course as well and also attending the M500 Revision Weekend at Aston University, Birmingham.


My only concern is that I start MU120 on the 29.Sept, with a CMA to submit by 11.Oct.  This means that for a week prior to the exam I am going to have to split my time.  Hopefully the prep material for MU120 want be to complicated.


Simon said...

Hi Ian,

You may know this already, but MU120 also expects you to keep notes about 'how' you study, and you will have TMA questions about self-reflection. It caught me out.

Ian M. said...

Hi Simon,

I thought that there might be some self-reflection questions, especially as it is a level one course, but was not aware of that I will have to keep notes about how I study. Thats going to be interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

Valcael said...

Hi Ian

Well fancy that, I thought I'd look on the internet for exam revision for M359 and now see you're doing the same as me, also had all the MU120 stuff through to start but am not doing looking at it until after the exam... DO you know if there will be a conference for the course?

Ian M. said...

It seems that everything feeds off of the "OUSA MU120" conference. Taking a look via the "OUSA Signpost".

I will be looking at the MU120 course text before the M359 exam as there is a CMA that has to be submitted 2 days after it.