Tuesday, April 22, 2008

M450: TMA02

Well I have finally submitted TMA02 for M450, 1 week after cut-off.  This is the first time in all my OU studies that I have had to have an extension.  The cause of the problem is the research we have to do for this course, it is proving difficult, frustrating and demoralizing.  The course text does not go into any detail as to why we are having to do the research and what we should be looking for.  Still at least I can now press on with the core elements of my project.

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Unknown said...

Just got my TMA back - got 78% which I'm well pleased with. Only spent about an hour on the literature search as I didn't have much time but I agree there is too much emphasis on the literature search in the course material, especially in the marking scheme for this TMA. Hope you get the mark you need too ;)