Tuesday, September 09, 2008

M450: Finished !!!

I finally submitted my ECA for M450 yesterday.  Three copies printed, bound (Staples did a very good job, £9 less £3 discount) and posted (First class £4.30), plus not forgetting to obtain the proof of posting.

This means for me that the course is now finished and all I have to do is wait for the result, which apparently can take some time.

Over the next few weeks I am going to try and put together some advice on how to tackle M450 for those students thinking of taking it in the future, especially as it is not the easiest of courses.

Now I have to register for my next course, M366 - Natural and artificial intelligence, even though (having done a quick search via Google) it seems that it might not be the easiest of courses.  This will hopefully be the last course of my degree.


Unknown said...

Just posted mine! Thank God it's over ;)

Anonymous said...

As someone planning to take M450 in Feb 2009, I would be very grateful for your insights if you get time to write them up. It is so hard to get info on M450 beyond the course description, which is rather vague.

Anonymous said...

congrats on finishing it Ian
Catch up with you soon.
My 359 exam was a complete cock up by the OU meaning I have to resit it.
Not happy about that

Anonymous said...

Hurry up with that advice, lol.

(googling for M450 inspiration...)