Tuesday, November 04, 2008

OU (MW): To do list

A simple to do list so I know what is outstanding.

  • Decide to participate of not. Done
  • Read the introduction to Processing. Done
  • Read the wiki entry on "Blog".  Not required
  • Send email giving details about myself and willingness to participate. Done
  • Set up a blog. Done
  • Decide on what chunk to write. Done (04.11.08)
  • Email details of the chunk I want to write. Done (04.11.08)
  • Download and install the Processing IDE. Done (28.10.08)
  • Order the Processing book. Done (28.10.08)
  • Read chapters 1 and 3 of the book. Done (04.11.08)
  • Write the chunk.
  • Email the finished chunk.


  • The book to order:
    Processing: Creative Coding and Computational Art (Foundation)
    Ira Greenberg
    ISBN: 9781590596173
    at Waterstones

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