Monday, November 03, 2008

M450: Gobsmacked!!!

I received an e-mail last week from a lecturer in the Department of Computing at the OU asking if I was interested in applying for one of the two places, in the form of bursaries, at the Computer Science 2008 conference in December.  This all sounded very interesting and I replied saying that I would be interested in attending.  Yet the part of the e-mail that really surprised me was...

...your name was put forward as a potential candidate by the M450 course team who were very impressed with quality of your undergraduate project work.

Considering how I felt about the project and what I had produced, I was really gobsmacked when reading the above comment.  Still I must not get me hopes up to high with regards to my final result for M450.  Only 39 more days until the results are supposed to be available.


Simon said...

Ian, that sounds very interesting...go for it!!

Unknown said...

wayhay, go for it Ian