Wednesday, January 07, 2009

M366: Course Material

Last night I received the course materials for M366.  The package contained:

  • Block 1 – Intelligent machines
  • Block 2 – Symbolic intelligence
  • Block 3 – Natural intelligence
  • Block 4 – Neural networks
  • Block 5 – Evolutionary computation
  • Block 6 - Reflections
  • Course Guide
  • Software Guide
  • Using the Electronic TMA System – A Student Guide
  • Course News
  • Course Software (DVD)
  • Online Applications (CD-ROM)

The course software disc contains:

  • multimedia material, such as videos, audio presentations and animations
  • case studies and other supporting printed texts
  • activities
  • computer exercises
  • web links to various topics and advice on further research
  • proprietary software packages (NetLogo, JavaNNS, SB-MASE)

NetLogo:  An implementation of the Logo programming language, written in Java.
JavaNNS:  Java Neural Network Simulator, a package for producing computer models of neural networks.
SB-MASE:  No description given in the software guide.  A search of the web described SB-MASE as being aimed at students and researchers in AI, for simulation and control of agents and robots (

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