Monday, January 19, 2009

M366: Open For Business

Both the course website and FirstClass conferences are now available.


There are 8 conference areas, of which 7 are sub-conference areas of the main area , M366 09BStudents.  The sub-conferences comprise of an area for each of the blocks (except for blocks 1 and 2 which have a combined area), an FAQ area and a revision area.  At present it looks as though we can post messages to any of the areas except for main area which I find a bit strange.  Still we might found out the reason why at some point.

Course website

The course website is tightly integrated into the students home page under the Courses menu option, as opposed to previous courses where their respective website has been a separate site.  I think that this might be to do with the OU restructuring their websites and how they present information to students.

The main page displays a 3 week view of the course calendar and a number of menus to go to other areas.  For example under Resources you can access the course materials for Assessment, Course resources, Library resources and Errata, with a majority of these materials downloadable.


I have downloaded all the course materials that are currently available, including TMA 01 (due 14.Apr.09), so that I have access to them whilst travelling to and from work.

As yet my course record is still not showing who my tutor will be for the course or when / where the tutorials will be held.  I am waiting with anticipation.

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