Wednesday, August 19, 2009

M366: TMA03 Result

Last night I got the result back for TMA03, 93%.  Still on course for a Distinction if only I can find a way of nailing the exam.  One of the problems with M366 is that it covers so much information and I am struggling to remember any of it.  Hopefully the M500 weekend and revision tutorials will help.  If anyone has got any revision tips and tricks they are most welcome.


Simon said...

Well Done! a great result

I'd really like to hear you opinion of the course after the exam as it is a course I am hoping to study after M362/M363 next year. If it's as interesting as it sounds I may even study it next year and bump one of the above back a year!



Ian M. said...

Simon at present I would say don't go anywhere near M366. But at the end of the course I will give a full review and try to be as unbiased as possible.