Tuesday, December 15, 2009

M366: Result!

The final results for M366 have been released (3 days earlier than stated) and I got a Grade 3 (OCAS 92 & OES 54).  I felt that the exam didn’t go well for me and I have been worrying since then that I had failed the exam (thus the course) and would have to do a re-sit.  So I am mightily pleased.

This means that I have got my degree and if my calculations are correct it is a 2:1.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the pass. Given your revision program and your previous distinctions, this tells me that the exam must have been a stinker.

39% of candidates scored less than 40% on M362 exam this year (2nd presentation). Further evidence that new courses with few past papers are to be avoided if at all possible!


Anonymous said...

Well Done Ian!

I thought I had done enough to Pass didnt realise I would just scrape it, I got 39! and was awarded a Grade 4 pass! V tough and so glad its over. It didnt make any difference to my overall degree of a 2:2.
Well Done and Good Luck!

Will C. said...

nice one mate, at least you will not have to resit. Same as me Grade 3 pass after sweating blood to achieve 90% overall for the TMAs. Glad to see the back of this one.

Has anyone else noticed that only 3% of students managed a grade 1 pass? (that would be the PhD philospher/waffler types)

All the best for the future mate, maybe see you at a tutorial sometime (I am doing M256,M362 and T324 in 2010)

cheers, Will

Anonymous said...

Only 3% got over 85% on M362. The curse of the new course!

Unknown said...

Well done, Ian, I've got all this to look forward to :-)

Anonymous said...

Well done Ian, I dropped out of this course on the 1st presentation, so respect to anybody who saw it out...
Re: M362/M363 pass rates, there were a lot of anonymous/profiles id.ed by number on the courses this year, I'm assuming that that is the reason why the pass rate on M363 went from 99+% to 60% this year...

Anonymous said...

Last year's results from Seseme...http://www3.open.ac.uk/events/3/2009922_43263_o1.pdf
M262 was almost 92%...

Simon said...

Congratulations Ian!

What an achievement! Seeing someone complete their degree helps me focus on my goal of graduating in the next couple of years.

I hope you have a well earned rest. Whats next for you, an extended break or post grad study?

All the best, celebrate well!!