Monday, June 02, 2014

From That To This – Shane Byrne



3 times British Superbike champion Shane Byrne came second in 2013 and is the favourite to win the championship in 2014.  The photograph was taken at Brands Hatch during free practice 2, the day before the first race of the season.

IMG_8820-21/500th; f/8; ISO 400


  1. Crop the image to remove the advertising hoarding (top left), rumble strip (bottom) and the patch of green (right).

  2. With the Basic panel adjust make the following adjustments:

    Exposure (+0.20), Contrast (+10)

    Highlights (-100), Shadows (+75), Whites (+36), Blacks (-10)

    Clarity (+30), Vibrance (+20), Saturation (-5)

  3. With the Detail panel adjust the Sharpening and Noise Reduction:

    Sharpening Noise Reduction
    Amount: 70 Luminance: 40
    Masking: 74 Contrast: 10

  4. Add a vignette using the Effects panel:

    Amount (-15), Midpoint (45)

  5. Using the Spot Removal (Heal) brush remove any spots or marks:

    IMG_8820-t2t - 1
    The “before” image highlights the marks that will be removed.

  6. Finally using the Adjustment Brush, with the Exposure set to +0.50, brush over the bike and it’s direction of travel.  This will help concentrate the eye on the bike and assist in emphasising the movement:

    IMG_8820-t2t - 2

Final Image


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