Thursday, January 22, 2009

M450: Result!

Last night I got home to find a letter from the OU giving my result for M450.  To my surprise (after all the heart ache and worry) I got a DISTINCTION.

The letter was the standard OU result letter also showing my OCAS (83) and OES (87).  There was no explanation as to why there had been a delay in releasing my result.


Simon said...

Hi Ian,

That's brilliant - well done. I notice that the OCAS was 83 - do you think the delay was because they were making adjustments to the P1 mark? Although I guess on a course like M450 its a bit more complicated than normal.

Anyway, that is a great result. You must be dead chuffed.


Ian M. said...

Hi Simon,

Thanks very much Simon, yes I am really chuffed.

With regards to the OCAS I had heard from someone that the banding had moved down from 85 to 80. I don't know how true that is but still I am not going to complain.

As for as the delay in getting my result I am still none the wiser as to the reason why.

Now all I have got to do is get a distinction for M366 and I've got a 1st. Any other grade gets a 2.1, so its back to the grind-stone.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ian!

I got 80 and 85 for my OCAS and OES respectively, so they obviously did move the banding down for some reason... still it's odd that they couldn't release your results back in December!

Good luck with the M366. My tip is revise EVERYTHING including the philosophy stuff in the last block - I didn't bother revising the Chinese Room bit coz I thought it wouldn't come up, but the compulsory question on the exam was all about it - it meant I got a grade 2 instead of a distinction.


Ian M. said...

Thanks for the advice Stu.

jo0ls said...

Ooo well done. I'm just starting M450. Going to base it on M366.

Ian M. said...

Best of luck jo0ls.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ian. I'm just starting with M45o this year and TMA01 is due in a month. I still have no idea where to start from. I thought u could help me on that please

Ian M. said...

Anon who are you? contact me at ianmacey at hotmail dot com