Wednesday, February 25, 2009

M366: First Tutorial

Last night I attended my first tutorial for M366. Not being one of my official tutorials it was one run by Region 1 at the University of Westminster. This is one of the many positive aspects of the OU in that you are not restricted only to your official tutorials as you can go along to any of the tutorials being run for the course you are taking.

The tutor was a Dr. Dorothy Monekosso ( and 9 students (including myself) attended. The evening started off with the general introductions were I discovered that for a number of us this was our last course for our respective degrees. This was followed by a crossword to assist in identifying and understand key terms from Block 1. I really hate crosswords, I find them so frustrating. The evening finished off with a discussion about the Turing Test.

As Dorothy travels a lot a number of her tutorials will be online using an application called Ellimuate ( with the first one being on 24th March. And my first official tutorial is on the 28th March at Croydon College (a long way to travel for just a 2 hour tutorial).

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Anonymous said...

I was in the room next door to you as I have a different tutor - instead of the crossword we were split into two groups and asked to complete a toddler's jigsaw whilst making a list of the physical and cognitive processes we as humans go through when doing so. This then prompted a long and heated debate as to how we'd design a general-purpose jigsaw puzzle solving robot, which was really interesting because half of the group had psychology backgrounds and half had computing backgrounds, so the different perspectives were illuminating.